This course is designed for participants who wants to get started with Docker. In this course we'll focus on building solid foundation for Docker, as a platform. We'll cover Docker architecture, installation, container operations, image operations, Dockerfiles etc. We'll see how Docker manages its networking and access external storage using volumes. We’ll also see how we can create multi container applications using Docker Compose. At last we will look into Docker APIs.

With this course signup you would also get free life time access to self paced online course on Containers Fundamentals - Docker, runC & Rkt, which is worth INR 2500.

Date: 17th June 2017

Venue : Bangalore

Fees - INR 6999/-  4999/-

About the Trainer 

Neependra Khare is Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga. He has more than 11 years of IT experience. He is one of the Docker Captain and running Docker Meetup Group in Bangalore more than 3 years now. In 2015 he authored a book on Docker, Docker Cookbook. In 2016 he co-authored a course on Cloud Infrastructure Technologies at Edx for Linux Foundation. He has also publish online courses at http://school.cloudyuga.guru.

Prior to founding CloudYuga, he was Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat.

Containers (Docker) Workshop

  • Container Fundamentals
  • Docker Architecture
  • DockerHub/Docker Store
  • Docker Installation
  • Docker Container Operations
  • Docker Image Operations
  • Creating Images with Dockerfiles
  • Data Management with Docker using Volumes
  • Docker Networking Model
  • Docker Networking Drivers
    • Bridge
    • Host
    • None
    • Overlay
    • MACVLan
  • Building Multi-container Application with Docker Compose
  • Docker APIs