RootConf’17 Booth’s experience and Kubernetes workshop

In the earlier blog post I mentioned that I would be doing a Kubernetes workshop and CloudYuga would be having  a booth at rootconf’17.  On both conference days (11th and 12th May) I was at the booth and interacted with the participants. I could not even attend a single talk at the conference.

Rootconf lucky draw

Though I have been behind the booth for Red Hat earlier but this was special. With the RootConf participants I shared the details about the work we do and the trainings we offer to corporate and individuals. On both days we did a lucky draw and gifted access to our online courses.

Rootconf Day1 Winners 2017

As a part of conference I did a Kubernetes 101 workshop on 14th. 27 Participants attended the workshop.

Kubernetes Workshop @Rootconf

It was fun filled last few days. Though they were tiring but gave us great experience. I must say building the marketing collateral and sharing it to people is a difficult task. I am glad that we could pull it off :).


Rootconf is one of the India’s largest gathering of DevOps, Sysadmins, systems engineers and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE). The main conference is on 11th – 12h May’17 and there are workshops on 13th and 14th May’17.

Earlier in 2014 I gave workshop on Docker which was attended was ~40 participants and a flash talk on OpenStack Rally in 2015. This year I would be giving a  Kubernetes 101 workshop on 14th.
Other than doing a workshop, CloudYuga would be having a booth at the conference to interact with the participants. This is first time we are sponsoring an event. My last few days have gone just making the marketing material. At our booth we would have following:-

We also be doing a lucky draw both days on the conference and winners would get free access to our online courses. So if you are coming to the conference then don’t forget to come our booth to checkout our offerings and to win the lucky draw.

The agenda of Rootconf looks very promising and HasGeek has offered 10% discount to CloudYuga’s friends. So if you still have’t got the ticket then use this link to get it with discount.

CloudYuga would also be giving 20% discount on our online courses  till 14th May, as long as ROOTCONF code is used while purchasing the courses.

This would be our first kind to experience to stand behind the booth for CloudYuga. I am very excited and looking forward to it :).


Microservices and Serverless Event – 29th April 2017

On 29th April’17, April 8 different meetup groups of Bangalore came together and did joint event on Microservices and Serverless. The 8th meetups groups were AWS, Azure, DevOps, DigitalOcean, Docker, Hybrid Cloud, Kubernetes and Mesos Meetup groups. It was like a mini-conference :). ~250 people registered and from them ~200 came, which is pretty good turn around. More details about the background of the event is here.   Microservices and Serverless Event The event was hosted at Walmart Labs, India. They sponsored food and made excellent arrangement for the event. Everything went smooth  and on time. We had great line of talks for the event.

I think Ken Sipe’s talk on DC/OS and Shiju’s talk on Microservices were the highlight of the event. Due to some confusion my talk was not recorded. I gave a demo of FaaS by Alex Ellis, using a custom twitter function. Thanks to all speakers for sharing their knowledge with us.

From the collected fee we would be giving a gift voucher of INR 1500 each to our speakers. After all the sessions we had Q & A session with the participants as well. Participants who gave right answer, got a t-shirt from DigitalOcean and would be getting a gift voucher from the collected fee as well. 

I would like thank organisers of different meetup groups Habib, Jasnoor, Aditya, Mohit, Kumar Gaurav, Krishna M and Madan on coming  together  for this event. And thanks for the team of Walmart India Deepak, Sunita, Gopal, Nitin and other volunteers. We could not get everyone in same frame but here is picture of the team, who made this event possible. Speakers and Organisers for Microservices & Serverless Eevnt I hope participants learned something new and will look forward to be part more such events in future.

DockerCon 2017 – Austin

Wow !!! It was an amazing DockerCon 2017.  After spending few days in Houston I reached to Austin on 17th April to attend the DockerCon. As soon I reached I attended Docker Captains roundtable, where we discussed about the Captain’s program and shared our Docker stories.

Just after the roundtable I delivered the Learning Docker workshop based on Play With Docker with Ajeet Raina to DockerCon’s 60+ participants. We received some good feedback of our workshop.

DockerCon 2017


On the 18th April’s General Session, Docker did two big announcements :-

  • Moby Project – From last year or so Docker Inc is trying to convert the big monolith docker binary into microservices, like using Swarmkit for Docker Swarm mode, Containerd to run and manage containers. Moby Project is created to take this effort forward by taking all the sub-components like Containerd, Swarmkit, VPNKit, Infrakit etc as an individual component to build a container based system. Docker Platform would be a container based system which would be created from the Moby Project. An individual/company can build its own container based system from it. It is been designed for system architects and not for end users. End users don’t have worry about anything. Their favourite docker command is not going away. For more details check the blog post on Docker website.
  • LinuxKit – It is tool to build minimalistic Linux OS image to run containers. It can create VM image to boot on hypervisor/cloud, ISO image to install on bare-metal. I think it is great way to ship standardise Linux environment for different environment like bare-metal, VM or cloud. With LinuxKit, we would be able Linux container side by side with Windows containers on Windows, which is amazing. For more details check the blog post on Docker website.

These two announcements shows the Docker’s commitment to the enterprise and the community. While Docker would participate in the upstream community through individual projects, it would also build stable product for the enterprise. Docker for enterprise was the theme of 19th April’s keynote.

DockerCon2017 Moby Mingle In DockerCon this year, the Docker team organised a program called Moby Mingle, using which anyone could offer short session on any given topic and interested participants can signup for 1×1 discussion. I did two offers, one on Exploring runC, Namespaces & Cgroups and other on Using Docker on CI/CD with Jenkins.  I had interacted with 6 participants

Other than attending talks on 18th and 19th I met different people who were on my checklist, visited different booths and so on.

During the closing keynote on 19th Docker shared two cool hacks, which were by the community members. One was Play with Docker, which lets the users create an on-demand Docker environment to try out Docker by Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky. Other one was FaaS (Function as a Service) by Alex Ellis, which lets the users use serverless functions on Docker Swarm.

On 20th April I attended the first half of the Containerd/Moby summit where different teams shared the updates on project like Containerd, Infrakit, Security, Unikernels etc.

On 21st April we had a captain’s summit in which Docker team did two technical workshops for us. Later Solomon joined us and answered some of questions we had

Docker Captains Summit

Docker Captains - India - DockerCon2017This time all Docker captains from India joined the DockerCon. Other than the conference we hanged around the Austin city together. I had great time Ajeet and Sreenivas.

As last time, this time I had great time and would be looking forward for DockerCon 2018.


Launching Containers (Docker) for Developers and Quality Assurance online course

In January we launched our first our first online course on Containers Fundamentals, in which we covered Docker, RunC and Rkt. Today I am very happy to announce we are launching our second online course Containers for Developer and Quality AssuranceFor this course we have used :-

  • Visual Studio Code as IDE
  • Docker as primary container environment
  • GitHub as source code repository
  • Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment  platform

In the course we discuss on how to achieve following workflow :-

As last time we have partnered with DigitalOcean to provide $15 credits to all the participants who sign up for any of our course for the first time. With this course launch we are enabling 25PCT  as coupon code for limited time to get 25% off on listing prices of all our courses. You can also get a combo of Containers Fundamentals and  Containers for Developer and Quality Assurance courses

Looking forward for DockerCon 2017

I am very excited to attend the DockerCon 2017 in Austin between 17th to 20th April this year. There are multiple reasons to :-

  • I would be representing CloudYuga at DockerCon
  • Ajeet and I would be doing a Docker 101 workshop to DockerCon participants
  • I would be Meeting fellow Docker Captains  and Docker Meetup Organisers from around the world

This would be my 3rd DockerCon. I attended my first one in SF while I was part of Red Hat.  In 2016 I attended DockerCon in Seattle on my own and same is going to be this year. Conferences like DockerCon pump up so much energy that one can stay motivated for almost a year. There are going be many interesting talks and I would be able to attend just few :(. The most important part of any such conference is that you get the chance to meet so many interesting and important people.

This time all 3 of the Docker Captains from India Ajeet Raina, Sreenivas Makam and I would be attending the DockerCon. Sreenivas would also be delivering one of the workshop as well. We will share our experiences with the Docker Community in Bangalore and India.

I had created a quick tip on Docker Execution Driver for DockerCon promotion as well.

If you liked the video then you might want to check out our online course on Containers Fundamentals. We’ll be launching our container course targeted to Developers and QA Engineers pretty soon.

I am sure DockerCon’17 is going to be one great event for me and CloudYuga. I’ll share another blog post when I would be back from DockerCon’17 !!!!

Docker session at Prathidhwani, Technopark, Trivandrum

Today I delivered a Docker 101 session at Trivandrum for Prathidhwani. Prathidhwani is Socio Cultural Organisation for Technopark Employees Employees.

Prathidhwani, Trivandrum - 4th March 2017

In Jan’s Docker meetup Shahinshah reached out to me do a session in Trivandrum.  He connected me to Bibin who followed up with me after that.  After few discussions we decided to do it on 4th March. As it was community event, I did not charge anything. I think it as our responsibility make people know about new technologies. How they can save time, money and at the same time upgrade the skill-set to keep them relevant.

Prathidhwani, Trivandrum - 4th March 2017

I reached Trivandrum at 9:40 AM and went directly to the venue. More than 300 people registered and ~15o people showed up, which is really good. We started the session on time 11 AM and finished on time at 3:30 PM. Most of participants were new to Docker and containers in general.

Prathidhwani, Trivandrum - 4th March 2017

The audience was interactive and asked good questions. I enjoyed giving my session there.  I hope they also learned something new. During the session I also asked few questions to participants and gave away few subscriptions of my Containers Fundamentals course.

After the session Bibin, Shahinshah and I went to Kovalam beach. I took the 10 PM flight and came back to Bangalore. Overall it was very good trip.  Thanks Prathidhwani for inviting and organising such event.

Go Programming Workshop – 4th and 5th Feb’17 by Shiju Varghese

Last weekend on 4th and 5th Feb’17 we hosted our 2nd Go language workshop by Shiju Varghese.  This is first 2 days workshop we did it our office.


GO Workshop

Sometimes it becomes difficult to do trainings when there are less participants. This time we had only 3 participants, which does make much financial sense but we still did it.  We often see cancellation in such cases. We try our best to do the workshop if it can cover the basic cost. I did a workshop earlier when only participant signed up. Thanks to Shiju for coming down from Kochi for this workshop.

It was also good to see that participants are coming back to us for other trainings.  2 of 3 participants attended my Docker workshop last year.

As a value add we have given complimentary access to each participant of our Containers Fundamentals MOOC, which we launched last month.

We hope to keep providing such high quality trainings in future. We have following trainings lined up for next 2 months :-

  1. ElasticSearch Training by Mohit Sethi – 25th and 26th Feb’17
  2. Docker (Containers) workshop  18th and 19th March
  3. Go workshop by Shiju Varghese April 7th and 8th. 



Containers Fundamentals MOOC Launch

Today is a big day for CloudYuga.  We launched our first MOOC on containers technologies – Containers Fundamentals. It has been a great learning experience. Though I was doing open batches and getting some corporate trainings but I had to say NO many times because I could not be at two places at the same time.  Also I can not travel around all the time and deliver trainings. As anyone I wanted to scale and that is when I decided go online.

After deciding to go online I saw that there are lots of online courses available on Docker on different platforms. So why should someone come to our platform. One thing was clear that we should bring some additional value. We tried to do that three ways :-

  1. We covered container fundamentals in detail so the participants would get solid foundation on container technologies.
  2. Though Docker is primary focus in course but we covered runC and Rkt as well.
  3. We partnered with DigitalOcean, so that every participant would get same lab environment.

Here is a sample video from the course :-


It took around 6 months to come to today’s launch. It was an interesting journey and we hit a mile-stone today. This is the beginning  and we’ll be coming up with more courses in coming months.
Today I announced the course publicly first time at Digital Ocean meetup, where I have a talked Docker 1.13, which would be releasing soon. Thanks to DigitalOcean for collaborating with us for the MOOCs.  In the evening we had a small launch party at our office with few friends.

One can use CYSCHOOLLAUNCH40 coupon  to get 40% off while signing up for the course.

Its is an uncharted territory for me which might open up different avenues. Only the time will tell. I am happy that I did this and would be doing few more pretty soon. Happy learning !!!

Launching an MOOC on Container Technologies

It is my pleasure to announce that CloudYuga would be launching a MOOC on container technologies on 14th Jan'2017.

The first course is on Containers Fundamentals, which we will help participants to build a solid foundation on container technologies by covering topics like containers history, building blocks, container runtimes and so on. In the coming months we'll launching courses for specific domain Dev, QA and Ops.

These courses would follows completely hands-on approach and to make sure everyone has same environment to work on, we have partnered with DigitalOcean to provide self-service lab environment. DigitalOcean would provide $15 credit to it’s new and existing users.

In the first course Containers Fundamentals we are planning to cover following:-

  • History and building blocks of containers
  • Container Runtimes
    • runC
    • Docker
    • Rkt
  • Container operations with runC, Docker and Rkt
  • Image operations with Docker and Rkt
  • Building Docker images with Dockerfiles
  • Container networking and storage
  • Building multi-container app with Docker
  • Docker APIs
  • and much more.

If you are interested to know more about the launch and would like to get special launch offer then do sign up for our newsletter.