We provide trainings on Linux, Container Technologies, GO Language.


With our rich industry experience we'll help you adopt latest cloud technologies, so you can meet your business goals.

Building Case Studies

We can help you building case-studies, do product comparisons etc for cloud related products.

Our Customers & Partners


Kanti Jadia
Kanti JadiaPlatform Engineer, NetApp, Bangalore
"Attended the awesome training by Neependra.It was useful for me to get my doubts clarified.This in-person training class is highly recommended."
Vishal Sinha
Vishal SinhaSenior Architect, Ellucian, Bangalore
"I have taken several courses and this is by far the most organized and informative. Highly recommended doing this workshop. Thanks Neependra Khare for creating a wonderful/full practical (hands-on) course. I think that your real world experience in Docker is a MUCH better source of information than some of the other places I've seen. "
Shaktisikha Sahoo
Shaktisikha SahooQA Engineer, Enterprise DB, Pune
"Thank you so much for being approachable for any queries all the time."
Sabarinath S
Sabarinath SDevOps, Bangalore
"The Workshop was very useful i have gone through all the docs after the workshop . Getting clear idea about upcoming technology is very hard but you gave clear vision about docker . Thank you So much Neependra for providing such a great opportunity."
Kiran Divekar
Kiran DivekarHead of Software Development , Startup, Pune
"The workshop gives great overview of the technology. I appreciate the depth of your knowledge and technical delivery."
Ajit Jain
Ajit JainSenior Software Engg , Druva, Pune
"I felt privileged to attend Neependra's docker workshop. His expertise on state of art technology (docker) and great teaching skill, makes the workshop very useful."

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